• Elective Services

  • Elective Services

Exceptional Service, Seamless Integration

To further support our independent pharmacy members, we complement our Core and Premium Membership offerings with additional Elective Services that meet your unique needs. Our Sales Consultants are available to review your specific objectives and operational considerations to help you decide which services are right for your pharmacy.

835 Split Files

Save time with electronic transaction reporting and automated claims reconciliation.

Direct Payment Reconciliation (for Core Membership)

Enjoy claim-level reconciliation, recovery to the penny and direct payments to your pharmacy.

Enhanced Credentialing

Access support for various policies, procedures and training, such as HIPAA, OSHA, FWA, PSE.

Cash Claims Management

Take control of cash pricing and offer patients competitively, consistently priced medications. Offer a $4 generic program to compete with larger chains.

RxShare Rebates Program

Receive manufacturer-sponsored rebate checks with no disruption to your daily workflow.

Quality Monitoring and Performance Management

Get more value out of performance metrics with clinical pharmacist support.

Performance Suite

Improve reimbursements and streamline workflow as we edit and verify every paid claim.

Patient Engagement Platforms

Receive assistance in implementing enhanced pharmacy services and preparing for an eventual value-based care model.