• Premium Membership

  • Premium Membership

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Our contracting strength combined with our superior administrative support enhances your success across all aspects of your operations. Upgrade to a Premium Membership today and have access to our entire suite of Core Membership services PLUS our central payment reconciliation and recovery service with deposits made up to five times per week.


Manage licensure information and maintain contract access with our electronic platform.


Gain immediate and seamless access to thousands of regional and national plans with favorable reimbursement terms and conditions.

Central Payment Reconciliation

Rest assured that we will research and recover all funds owed to you – every penny on every claim.

Daily Deposits

Enjoy the convenience of ACH transfers into your account up to five times per week.

Payer Notifications

Access payer notices, including the latest contract and DIR information.

MAC Appeal Support

Submit MAC appeals using our streamlined process.

Secure Online Reporting

Use the member portal for program-related support and ongoing communications.

Quality Monitoring and Support

Access applications that help drive outcomes and improve overall patient care, with support from our clinical staff.

Medication Therapy Management Platform Support

Receive complimentary support from our in-house pharmacists, making it easier to document interventions and drive revenue.

Industry Updates

Stay current on the latest DIR trends, quality metrics and enhanced pharmacy services.

Direct Phone and Web-based Support

Rely on superior administrative support from our knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives.